VeriSeq, a unique panel for PGS with the use of next-generation sequencing

Starting from the end of this year Illumina moves its PGS portfolio to an NGS platform. The method includes sequencing fragments of 23 auotosomes and sex chromosomes followed by a conclusion on the aneuploidy status as well as detecting deletions above 1.2 Mb (Zheng et al, Molecular Cytogenetics, 2015).

All reagents for library preparation and sequencing itself are included in VeriSeq PGS kit (Cat. #RH-101-1001). Sequencing is done on the MiSeq system able to analyze up to 24 samples per run. At this throughput, NGS is more advantageous in terms of cost and speed than an SNP microarray assay used earlier for PGS. Besides, NGS performs better for aneuploidy detection in mixtures of normal an aneuploid cells suggesting a higher resolution in mosaic samples (Goodrich et al, J Assist Reprod Genet, 2017).

As in the SNP assay, data processing and aneuploidy mapping is carried out by BlueFuse Multi software.

So Illumina suspends the supply of 24sure V3 і 24sure+ microarrays calling IVF labs to move to VeriSeq for their PGS needs.

Veriseq красива картинка