StereoZoom Microscope PAG 800


StereoZoom Microscope PAG 800 is based on world-class technologies and has an ergonomic design.

When examining microscopic evidence, forensic investigators demand the sharpest possible image. The PAG 800 offers crisp, high-resolution, high contrast stereo images. With a 6.3:1 zoom ratio and a 115 mm working distance, the PAG 800 is the ideal choice for research workers that need sharper and stronger images.

The microscope is perfect for examination of semiconductors and chips. For additional flexibility, multiple LED and cold light sources are available as are specialty reticules. In addition, the Trinocular model supports digital documentation.


  • Flexible: Multiple lighting options;
  • Sealed: Airtight construction prevents contamination from dust, oil, water, and mold in hot, humid environments;
  • Versatile: Working distance: 115mm;
  • Standard magnification: 8x to 50x; total magnification is 4x – 200x;
  • High resolution digital cameras;
  • Professional image enhancement and capturing software;
  • Multiple stand options;
  • Antistatic feature;
  • Meets ESD requirements.

Accessories: Microscope stand; multiple LED and cold light sources, including ring lights, goose necks, and flexible light guides; optional crosshair and micrometer reticules