Diagnostic qPCR kitsReagents for PCR/qPCR by Promega Company

Diagnostic qPCR kits

We offer high-quality test-kits for analysis by GenDX Company (Netherlands). qPCR test-kits for chimerism detection by GenDX Company; Kits for SBT HLA genotyping by GenDX Company. Quantitative chimerism monitoring by using molecular methods after the allogenic transplantation has become a compulsory diagnostic instrument for indication of graft retention degree or rejection. In addition, it is…
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Reagents for PCR/qPCR by Promega Company

Promega Company has a wide range of offers to scientific research: Kits for Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS); PCR kits; Kits for reverse transcription; Kits for Nucleic acid extraction from biological samples; Kits for cellular metabolism exploration; Kits for cellular bio-functioning exploration; Reagents for exploration and purification of proteins.
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