Nimagen is a Dutch company supplying to Europe alternative reagents for Applied Biosystems sequencers.

Advantages of using Nimagen products are:

  • Comparable with other products reliability and dilution capacity;
  • The ability to use products using standard protocols and settings, without changing the previously existing analysis parameters;
  • High reading accuracy with GT-parts;
  • Uniform peak height and optimal signal balance;
  • Reduction in the cost of analyzes.

Nimagen supplies the entire range of supplies for the 3100, 3130, 3130XL, 3500, 3500XL, 3730 and 3730XL ABI Genetic Analyzers:

  • Sets of BrightDye Terminator sequencing reagents;
  • Polymers NanoPOP;
  • Buffer solutions for capillary electrophoresis;
  • Kits for cleaning the reaction mixture, for purification of the PCR product;
  • DNA length standards (red, orange, double);
  • Reagents for the isolation of ND;
  • A solution for the cleaning of capillaries Care, a solution of formamide and much more.