Microarray kits

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BovineHD DNA Analysis Kit
This comprehensive genome-wide bovine genotyping array kit features over 777,000 SNPs, and is compatible with any breed of beef or dairy cattle.

BovineLD Genotyping BeadChip
Extend genomic selection to the entire herd with scalable content at an economical price.

BovineSNP50 v3 DNA Analysis BeadChip
This BeadChip microarray provides high density multi-sample bovine genotyping for genome characterization of major dairy and beef cattle breed types.

CanineHD Whole-Genome Genotyping BeadChip
This array enables genotyping of any domestic dog breed, and offers ample SNP density for within-breed association and CNV studies.

Infinium Core-24 Kit
These 24-sample arrays enable economical large-scale human genotyping studies, with high-throughput processing capabilities, and the option to add up to 300K semi-custom markers.

Infinium CoreExome-24 Kit
This DNA microarray kit delivers genome-wide SNP and genetic variant information for genetic studies, especially large-scale human genotyping studies.

Infinium Exome-24 Kit
Infinium Exome-24 Kit arrays deliver exceptional coverage of putative functional exonic variants representing diverse populations and a range of common conditions.

Infinium Global Screening Array-24 Kit
GSA is a next-generation genotyping array for population-scale genetics, variant screening, and precision medicine research.

Infinium ImmunoArray-24 v2 BeadChip Kit
The Infinium ImmunoArray-24 v2 BeadChip is the next-generation genotyping array for detecting genetic variation in the immune system.

Infinium MethylationEPIC Kit
Robust methylation profiling microarray with unparalleled coverage of CpG islands, genes, and enhancers. Use for epigenome-wide association studies.

Infinium Multi-Ethnic AMR/AFR-8 Kit
A cost-effective array for understanding complex disease in diverse human populations, focused on Hispanic and African American populations.

Infinium Multi-Ethnic EUR/EAS/SAS-8 Kit
A cost-effective array for understanding complex disease in diverse human populations, focused on European, East Asian, and South Asian populations.

Infinium Multi-Ethnic Global-8 Kit
A cost-effective array for understanding complex disease in diverse human populations.

Infinium Omni2.5-8 Kit
This 8-sample BeadChip array features ~2.5 million markers, with custom marker add-on capability, and delivers exceptional genomic coverage rates across diverse populations.

Infinium Omni2.5Exome-8 Kit
Comprehensive coverage and functional exonic content for next-generation genotyping, GWAS, and CNV analysis.

Infinium Omni5-4 Kit
This 4-sample BeadChip array, optimized for whole-genome genotyping and CNV studies, covers > 4.3 million variants.

Infinium Omni5Exome-4 Kit
This BeadChip array covers > 4.3 million whole-genome variants down to 1% minor allele frequency (MAF), plus novel functional exonic variants.

Infinium OmniExpress-24 Kit
This 24-sample BeadChip array offers exceptional throughput of thousands of samples per week, enabling powerful human genome-wide association studies (GWAS).

Infinium OmniExpressExome-8 Kit
Discover novel trait and disease associations with optimized tag SNPs and functional exonic content at an attractive price.

Infinium OmniZhongHua-8 Kit
Advance your Chinese population GWAS. This microarray provides coverage of common, intermediate, and rare variation specific to Chinese populations.

Infinium OncoArray-500K BeadChip
This comprehensive, high-density microarray kit enables research into cancer predisposition and risk.

Infinium PsychArray-24 Kit
A cost-effective, high-density Illumina microarray for large-scale genetic studies focused on psychiatric predisposition and risk.

Infinium QC Array-24 Kit
High-throughput, cost-effective genotyping for quality control, tracking, and stratification applications including biobanking.

Infinium ShrimpLD-24 BeadChip
This BeadChip microarray offers a high-powered genotyping solution to advance aquaculture breeding programs of Pacific white shrimp.

Infinium XT
Infinium XT is a comprehensive microarray solution that enables production-scale genotyping of up to 50,000 single or multi-species custom variants.

Infinium iSelect HD and HTS Custom Genotyping BeadChips
Interrogate virtually any target across any species to create a fully-customized genotyping array tailored to your unique study needs.

MaizeLD BeadChip Kit
Content for essentially derived varieties assessment and maize breeding applications. Samples used include the Plant Variety Protection Act panel.

MaizeSNP50 DNA Analysis Kit
This array enables genetic variation analysis across maize lines. It includes over 50,000 validated markers derived from the B73 corn reference sequence.

OvineSNP50 DNA Analysis Kit
This array features over 54,241 evenly spaced SNP probes for genome-wide association studies, genome-wide selection, and genetic merit determination.

PorcineSNP60 DNA Analysis Kit v2
This 24-sample genome-wide genotyping array detects over 64,000 evenly distributed SNPs for genetic variation analysis of multiple porcine breeds.