The INSPEC-8 has been specifically designed for second-level inspections at immigration checkpoints, banks, and police departments. With lateral openings, the INSPEC-8 is extremely easy to use and can be adapted to any user’s skill level.
The INSPEC-8 uses full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) and an image capture function on SD card.


  • HD

High-resolution 1920x1080 images

  • Easy capture

Image capture function on 2x 4 GB SD card

  • Wide range IR

Visible alterations are easily examined under IR Luminescence and IR Absorption

  • High efficiency

Up to 200 control settings can be stored and restored via internal memory and via USB stickINSPEC-8 can operate at the following wavelengths

  • UVA 365 NM
    Identification of counterfeit watermarks, fluorescent UV security marks, and colored fibers.
  • UVC 254 NM
    Visualization of fluorescent security marks at shortwave UV, with integrated security system
  • IR Luminescence 50 W
    Viewing of distinguishing differences in inks or pencil leads, identification of primary and secondary entries (mechanical and chemical)
  • Infrared / White light 2X 20 W
    Differences in inks or pencil leads with IR, ideal for examination of Guilloche, security printing inks, micro text, and latent image effects
  • Flat light LED 3X3,5 W
    Viewing of mechanical erasures, embossed stamps, intaglio printing, and OVD/OVI latent image effects
  • Transmitted light 1X20 W and UV 365 nm

Identification of mechanical erasures, safeguarding threads, watermarks, perforations, and see-through registers

  • Vertical surface light (retro)

Identification of retroreflective security marks, coins, and metallic surfaces
Technical specifications:

  • Basic instrument with front control elements/keypad ;
  • Button for image capture on SD card;
  • Full HD resolution IR color camera 1920 x108;
  • Zoom objective 20x;
  • Magnification range with 24” monitor: up to 75x;
  • Excitation filter, blue-light 380-570 nm;
  • Camera barrier filter: 610/665/715/780/850nm/Neutral;
  • DVI-monitor connection for direct live image on monitor;
  • SD card 1x 4GB;
  • USB live camera exit;
  • Sequencer providing five sequences for rapid automated document examination processes;
  • Eight integrated illumination systems


  • 24" monitor
  • PIA-7 forensic software
  • Pagscan Document reader
  • DVI cable

Dimentions: 360x360x365mm (wxdxh)
Weight: 12kg
Mains appliance: 12V 100-240V/50-60Hz
Power consumption: 60W
Operation temperature: 5-60°C