DNA Clean-up

Name of Product Preps CatalogNo Specification
NucleoSpin® Gel and PCR Clean-up (Macherey-Nagel) 10 740609.10 NucleoSpin® Gel and PCR Clean-up Columns,
Collection Tubes (2 mL), buffers
50 740609.50
250 740609.250
D-pure DyeTerminator Clean-up (Nimagen) 5 ML DP-005 Magnetic-bead based clean-up for DyeTerminator removal
50 ML DP-050
5 00 ML DP-500
Ex'S Pure™ enzymatic PCR clean-up (Nimagen) 100 EXS-100 The reagent kit consists of two hydrolytic enzymes: Exonuclease I (Exo I) and recombinant Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase (rSAP).
200 EXS-200
500 EXS-500
AmpliClean™ Magnetic Bead-based PCR Cleanup (Nimagen) 5 ML AP005 AmpliClean™ Magnetic Bead PCR Clean-up utilizes Solid Phaze Reversible Immobilization magnetic bead-based technology

for high-throughput purification of PCR products

50 ML AP050
5 00 ML AP500