Digital Microscope VHX-5000

The VHX covers all basic analysis operations - observation, image capture, and measurement - in a single unit. Achieves fast, easy, and accurate imaging that cannot be accomplished with traditional optical microscopes. Even large samples can be observed non-destructively. This is one of the fundamental features of VHX Digital Microscopes that greatly increases ease-of-use.

The lenses, camera, and graphics engine are designed to optimize the relationship between depth-of-field, resolution, and brightness.

High speed digital imaging technology

The 50 frames per second camera captures a large amount of image data with different focus positions, and the REMAX V high-speed processing graphics engine processes it at high speed. We have developed a technology that adopts best focus data for each pixel to allow for clear, fully focused images to be observed on-screen.

Optical resolution improved by up to 25%: high detail HDR

A high resolution image is obtained with single-wavelength light and the HDR (High Dynamic Range) function, which captures multiple images by varying the shutter speed, to produce a fine detail image. These two functions enable high resolution and high contrast observation.

Automatic selection of optimal wavelength for higher resolution pixel shift technology

The optimal wavelength of light is selected based on the characteristics of the lens to capture sharp images with minimal chromatic aberration. By combining short wavelength light with KEYENCE’s original pixel shift technology, image resolution can be increased by up to 25%.

The camera captures multiple images at different brightness levels by varying the shutter speed, and then produces an image with a high level of color gradation data. This allows for clear observation of targets with glare or low contrast that would be impossible to image accurately with traditional microscopes. A new algorithm that accurately represents the colors of the target makes observation more similar to that with the naked eye.