Digital Microscope DMM-2000

The Digital Measuring Microscope DMM-2000 with micro and macro optics is enhanced with several digital camera capabilities providing outstanding image quality. It also boasts a modular and compact design and user-friendly controls. This versatile instrument is not only suitable for laboratory work, but also for teaching in various application areas, such as textiles, trace evidence, metallurgy, electronics, cables, precision engineering, food, paper, packaging, and plastics.

The DMM-2000 has been developed to meet the specific testing requirements of the textile industry as well as other industrial branches for material testing, quality control, and documentation. The DMM-2000 can also be used to make both micro and macro enlargements while the unique combination of the high-resolution camera and the binoculars virtually eliminates operator fatigue.

The Micro Macro microscope DMM-2000 with digital technique is the ideal instrument for examinations in Forensic Sciences, e.g. fibers, ballistics (angle determination of land and grove), etc.

Basic system DMM-2000

  • newly developed basic equipment with integrated transmitted light illumination 12V/20W, variable light intensity;
  • inclined / vertical illumination, 12V/10W;
  • connection for X/Y object stages;
  • height adjustment 68 mm;
  • dust cover.


  • Magnification range from 5x - 2400x;
  • Built-in high resolution digital or video camera;
  • Professional image enhancement and measuring software;
  • Special accessories for angle determination of land and groove;
  • Binocular view (optional);
  • Multiple lighting options;
  • Height adjustment up to 68mm;
  • Yarn comparator for textiles, document preparation kit (cross-sections), and object micrometer.

Available Accessories

  • Single objectives for magnifications 5x,10x, 20x and 50x for transmitted and inclined incident light;
  •  Transmitted light turret for max. 5 objectives, on request with built-in polarisation filters;
  • Wide choice of Achromat objectives for transmitted and incident light, for magnifications up to 2400x;
  • Objective turret for max.5 Micro objectives for coaxial illumination;
  • Suiting the Macro and Micro objectives;
  • Micrometer stages, spinneret stages, etc.;
  • Binocular tube with diopter adjustment and deflection optics.

Selection of video/digital equipment

  • video camera with FireWire IEEE1394a connection, in combination with PIA-6 Software
  • digital cameras with 3,3 and 5 Megapixel resolution, FireWire IEEE1394a connection, in combination with PIA-7000 Software


  •  PIA-7000 Image Processing, Comparison and Measuring Software in combination with digital cameras
  •  PIA-6 Imaging software in combination with video cameras
    PC Configuration
  • QuadCore or HP Workstation, FireWire IEEE1394a, Windows7 Pro 32bit, 21”, 24“ or 30“ TFT monitor.

Dimensions: 57x35x50 cm (hxwxd)
Weight: 25 kg
Mains connection: 230V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz