Accurate, QC-Tested SPE Cartridges for the Analysis of PFAS in Environmental Samples

Introducing Waters Oasis WAX for PFAS Analysis. Designed for environmental testing laboratories that need to perform low level LC-MS quantification of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in environmental samples, the Oasis WAX for PFAS Analysis enables PFAS extraction and concentration without the risk of cross contamination through a comprehensive quality control pre-screening test for 32 PFAS.

Oasis WAX for PFAS Analysis provides assurance in results through application-specific, quality control testing, reducing the risk of false positive results from a critical step in the workflow


  • Pre-screened for 32 PFAS compounds
  • Sorbent sizes (optimized better for application)
  • Bulk options available (300 pack)
  • Total solution available
    • System
    • Columns

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