Accessory Products


AutoLoader 2.x
This device automatically loads BeadChip microarray carriers onto scanning systems.

BeadChip Storage Boxes
Boxes each store up to 25 BeadChips.

BeadChip Wash Rack and Glass Tray
Used to handle BeadChips following microarray hybridization.

Hybridization Oven
The Illumina Hybridization Oven is a high-capacity hybridization (hyb) oven that is customized for Illumina assays.

Infinium Alignment Fixture (HD or LCG BeadChips)
Use to ensure correct assembly and optimal processing for the Infinium Assay.

Infinium BeadChip Expansion Package
The Infinium BeadChip Expansion Package enables processing of eight additional BeadChip arrays per day.

Infinium Hybridization Chambers and Gaskets
These chambers are used for BeadChip array hybridization during Infinium Assays.

Infinium Staining Set (Staining Rack and Wash Dish)
Wash dish and staining rack used in BeadChip processing.

Infinium TeFlow Thermometer Assembly
Thermometer and temperature probe to read the temperature in the TeFlow rack during Infinium assays.

MIDI Heat Block Insert
Fits in the HybEx Heating System used with Infinium Assays.

Tecan Replacement Probes
These replacement probes are compatible with the liquid-handling robots used to automate Illumina array-based assays.

Tip Depth Gauge
The Tip Depth Gauge calibrates the probe depth for liquid-handling robots used to automate Illumina array-based assays.

cBot 2 Barcoded Strip Tubes
These tubes enable sequencing sample tracking on the cBot 2 automated cluster generation system.

cBot 2 System
The cBot 2 System streamlines the sequencing workflow by automating cluster generation. It is a required accessory instrument for HiSeq sequencers.

iScan System Automation Option Packages
These packages include robotic liquid handling capabilities, control software, and other automation options to streamline the array workflow and reduce errors.