Comparsion microscope VisionX


Comparative microscope VisionX of the new generation from the world-renowned manufacturer Projectina AG is intended for the full range of investigations in ballistic and transfer traces identification.

The microscope combines an outstanding apochromatic optical system built on a revolver principle with an advanced solution for motorized control of a high-quality zoom system. This feature allows to obtain images of the investigated objects with maximum quality and high urgency.

The automation of the microscope allows to provide investigations with maximum accuracy and reproducibility, and increases the reliability and reduces the time for analysis.
The set of specialized holders allows to work with the full spectrum of ballistic and transfer traces expertise. The microscope is equipped with a specialized digital camera and software for obtaining images and measuring objects of research. The auxiliary option allows to obtain a three-dimensional image of the surface of the examined object's section. This complex allows to bring to the highest level the accuracy of forensic laboratory expertise.


  • Simple and direct access to IBIS®;
  • Advanced optical module for clearer simultaneous binocular and video/photo observation;
  • Motorized magnification changer, objective changer and optical operating modes;
  • Integrated control unit and power connection for LED ring-and spotlight;
  • Ability to use any combination of surface light, transmitted light, fluorescent, LED, and UV;
  • Mechanical drive of left and right object holder and accessories;
  • Widespread user access extending the workstation desk with options for local or remote operation, collaborative analysis, reporting, and expertise peer support;
  • The flexibility for users to work from any media device, whether directly installed on the workstation, laptop, or tablet.

Greater magnification with twice the field of view

  • Magnification range up to 243x and 169 mm diameter field-of-view;
  • One-to-one magnification (1.3x) ratio highlighting original replication of objects;
  • Three-step motorized magnification changer with factors 1x, 1.8x, 3.24x;
  • Large working distance for tool mark analysis and ease of access;
  • Versatile with a free working distance of a minimum of 95-233 mm to facilitate mounting of large evidence and the positioning of multiple, simultaneous light sources;
  • X/Y movement for left and right stages with range of movement in X and Y = 50 mm (2 in.);
  • Powered stage height adjustment of 146 mm (5.8 in.).

Superior optics and auto focus

  • Optical comparison bridge with a distance of 450 mm between the two optical axis;
  • Integrated binocular with 2x eyepiece 10x/22 with individual diopter adjustments;
  • Objective changer and optical operating modes without the need to refocus; 169 mm (6.5 in.) diameter field-of-view;
  • Live digital camera with a range of high resolution options, i.e., 5.0 - 12.5 megapixels.